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~ Ignite your Soul ~

I hear you.


You're ready to Unveil the true you!

You can FEEL and SEE clear glimmers of who she is, yet you can’t seem to bring this vision into the world. Every time you try, it never seems to stick, and you fall back into your self-protecting and people-pleasing ways.

Nevertheless, you're still haunted lovingly by her… the woman that you were always meant to be. 

There is a profound truth waiting to be uncovered


 You know with all your heart that there HAS to be more to life because the pace of the world is causing a deep sadness and exhaustion within your Soul. You are sucked dry from being everything to everyone and have a hard time knowing where you end and another person begins. You are sick and tired of doubting yourself.

You've reached your FED UP point.

 You've lived in "hiding my true self hell for far too long...


 It's time to set her free ...


If this is you, you might feel frustrated because of how often you’ve attempted to do this.


Perhaps, you've tried to shine your light bright but when you do, you get told to take it down a notch, "who do you think you are" they say..."  Maybe you’ve even attempted to share your truth with your loved ones thinking that would be safe, but their eyes gloss over, or they change the subject. They can't see how much strength it took to utter the words you shared with them. 

But there's still a glimmer of hope tapping you on your shoulder telling you that you can do this... which can feel like a trap!


Because you can't go back to who you were, and you don't know how to move forward to the woman you're becoming.


All the while, you still yearn to be seen and appreciated for who you TRULY are.

You lust for a rich intimacy with life. You want to feel sensually connected to your body, mind, and spirit, which then oozes out into all of your relationships (and will attract healthy new ones), and the contributions that you are here to make in your personal and professional life.


Ultimately, you crave to shine ALIVENESS and be confident about putting your stake in the ground proclaiming "I AM HERE AND THIS IS WHO I AM!"


How do I know this?  Because I've compassionately been there.


I remember the day I fell to my knees because I couldn't keep living with the weight of the world on my shoulders and how society expected me to. I knew I had to dig deep to unravel what wasn't true.

I could hear a faint voice that was buried under life's tribulations lovingly calling me... I had to discover what it was trying to say.

So I tried everything under the Sun with online programs/courses, books, mentors, training's and Spiritual communities to find the ways to do this. There were several times I wanted to give up, but I couldn’t... I knew the calling was REAL.


And Sure enough, over time, I finally healed the relationship with the woman that was lost under the rubble, which freed me from being trapped in "hiding my true self hell" and connected me with my Soul.


That’s why I've created my individualized 1:1 private mentoring program.


So that women like you don’t have to sacrifice your truth and put your life on hold any longer by having a direct line to all of my years of experience, wisdom, and training (wrapped in compassion).


I realize how frustrating it can be to feel like something is off in your life, not know what the heck it is, and have no one that can understand. The good news is that you don’t need to do this alone anymore.


That's why I am so passionate about what I do because I am living proof and I know how to get to the core to create sustainable lasting results.


You can go from feeling trapped in a life and doesn’t fit any longer, to thriving in one that resonates with all of your Soul...


My job is to bridge this gap by helping you create a healthy relationship with your Body, Mind & Spirit, (and the trapped woman inside of you) so that you can finally Unveil the TRUE YOU to the world!

catherine-mcmahon-10118-unsplash (1).jpg

If you are anything like the women I work with (and me) you: 

  • want to contribute to life instead of just existing in it.


  • desire to be ALIVE and CENTERED instead of drained and rushed

  • wish to wake up each day being connected with your body, mind, and spirit knowing precisely what your needs are and how to fulfill them guilt-free!



  • what it would be like to keep your light ON and have shimmering confidence ooze out of you naturally by doing what you LOVE and a tribe of people who celebrate this!

  • how your life would be with an entirely new intuitive way of honoring and communicating with the cyclical nature of your body & Soul. 

  • ​if you were able to gracefully speak your truth and share your heart with the world!

I can tell you with all of my Soul that this IS POSSIBLE!


 Together we can:


  • Create a life where you won't spend all your time and energy trying to figure out what is missing so you can apply it towards what's is trying to emerge through you.


  • Create an individualized program with a Spiritual AND trauma-informed approach tailored specifically to meet your needs, so that you don’t waste any more money with online programs/courses that lack 1:1 high-quality compassionate guidance.

  • Discover your natural rhythm and build a life that is a reflection of YOU and what you LOVE. 

  • Create lasting results by getting to the core​.



If this resonates with you and is something you are ready to get help with, I can tell you that this is what I do and I am very passionate about it!


I would love for you to click on apply to fill out the application so we can begin to chat!

During our conversation, we will discuss what is going on for you specifically.


I've created a customized program because I know not everyone is a one size fits all, even though I have found a way to get the core of transformation. It’s highly important to me to know where you are at and how I can tailor the program to fit your needs.


I only work with a small number of women at a time in order to provide high-quality support, so if this speaks to you, I encourage you to apply now as my spots tend to fill up quickly.

I sincerely believe in this program because probably like you, I have tried everything under the Sun to find what was missing in my life.


What I know to be to true is that it takes a highly personalized Spiritual AND trauma-informed approach to get to the root cause so that you can embody, integrate and maintain the freedom you are longing for.  

Meditation by the Sea

I realize this probably isn’t something you have experienced; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here on this page.

So if there is a part of you wondering “will this work for me"? I want you to know that I have dedicated my LIFE to making this truly attainable and do-able, which is why I only work with a small number of women 1:1 at a time.


I do not take your time and effort for granted because I have been in your shoes and I know how it feels.

You can have all the knowledge in the world from books and courses but if you don't get to the root cause, you're just treating symptoms.


I know what it takes to create the transformation you are searching for, and this is exactly why I provide a highly personalized approach that helps you to integrate and embody your true nature into your life.


I came to know Janelle as part of a collaborative group we both belonged to. I was immediately drawn to her magnetic energy, her deep wisdom and her fresh perspective on business and life. 


Within the period of a few months, I experienced significant loss: two deaths, a divorce and the end of a significant partnership. As a result, I was overwhelmed with grief; the combined trauma of those life events shut me down. 


Janelle became a most valuable and cherished mentor and coach to me. Utilizing her knowledge of polyvagal theory (autonomic nervous system) and attachment theory, she helped me to become a more powerful observer of the emotions and patterns that continued to surface.


Using simple tools, Janelle helped me transition from unconscious behaviors of self-sabotage to conscious behaviors of self-mastery. She gave me permission to rest and restore. ...and encouraged me to go at my pace and do things my way on my terms versus the prescribed ways we think we’re supposed to approach life and healing. 


Janelle also guided me to understand the masculine and feminine energy that dwells within me and to connect with my feminine energy in a way I never have before.


I have been able to transcend, ascend, and step into my Truth and my Power because I had Janelle on my side and at my side. I am extremely grateful for her and her amazing-ness.

~Shannon Chamberlain, Mentoring Client

If any of this resonates with you, I genuinely understand because of my personal journey...this is why I help people exactly like yourself!


 You CAN shift out of the life that keeps you trapped in "hiding my true-self hell" and into one that you LOVE, full of nourishing connection, wholeness, and passion.

I encourage you to apply and start living your fully expressed & Soulful life today! 

I look forward to speaking with you soon :)


Much Love,


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