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Heart Whispers

💖Heart Whispers💖.....

a new practice that I am choosing to share with all.

It is something that I am playing with to connect deeper and more authentically to my heart and all that it has to say and share.

Once a week I will be closing my eyes, tuning in and letting whatever wants to be written flow out of my heart and onto this page.

No judgment, no holding back and no editing except typos...

Sometimes we just need to let it flow to let it go where it is meant to...

One of my deepest truths is that if it comes from the heart it can never be wrong...

so here it goes...

Welcome to the first writing of an ongoing practice I call Heart Whispers...


Dear Beloveds,

We are blessed with a feeling heart….

It is always with us providing life and internal guidance.

This love center and location of the god spark will unite all with harmony by the persistent calling to expand and experience different shades of light.

What one chooses to do with this calling is the only question we have to ask ourselves. Nothing else is truly relevant.

The main question to ask is..'does this thought, action, choice, or direction honor my sacred heart???'

If no, then it is not an option.

If yes, then we have just expanded by giving this gift of love through our empowered choice to the evolving world.

We have become an element of consciousness that is now aware and integrated.

Everything is about honor and creating the space gaps in life in order to breathe into our decisions as a conscious response based in love instead of reactive impulses originating from lack.

Beloveds will you honor your own sacred heart?

If we allow this inquiry into all of our daily choices we will see a dramatic shift in how the rest of our lives unfold. We will receive an immediate answer from our heart, (which is the easy part).

The hard part is following through and saying no if it is not sacred, regardless of the opinions of those around us.

Once we are aware of the presence of our sacred heart we will then be connected to truth and it will pave our path through individuated expression in which becomes a unitive contribution.

This brings forth a new co-creative resonance that is a gift to the world. It’s a frequency of crystal clear piercing truth and anything that is not it, becomes obvious.

We forge a new path and begin to co-create and therefore inspire others to do the same. We become a living breathing sacred contribution through our aligned choices.

So one can see how the uncomplicated importance of asking yourself “does this choice honor my sacred heart” will instantly change the direction of your life onto a path of alignment, grace, abundance, sovereignty and unity….

May we all have the devoted discipline to create the awareness to pose this question in everything we do, and may we be surrounded and inspired by others that willingly choose their sacred heart over the approval others to help show the way to truth and honor through the sacredness of our hearts.... and so it is

❤️ Heart whispers...

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