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Singing your Song…

What if life is a living work of art?

A song to be played through us and in doing so the extraordinary is found in the ordinary?What if every word we speak is our contribution to this song?

Every thought,Every action,Every intention.A web of melodies that are created by the way we choose to show up? 

I see my life as a work of art.Every choice is a collaboration with a harmony.And I’m not just talking about major life choices.I’m talking about the everyday minute choices like aligning where my mind goes when I wake up because this is going to set the tone for the day.

It’s in the way I get out bed, smiling at my boyfriend all tucked in with our puppies snuggled next to him and feeling the coolness and support of my feet landing on our hardwood floors.

It’s in pouring myself the most delicious cup of coffee with all my favorite ingredients and then slowly savoring the decadent flavor of this intentional creation.Each of these conscious “ordinary” choices is a note I am CHOOSING to play in my life melody.

It’s the difference between an artist singing a song written from depths of their Soul or someone who feels forced to be in choir class so they lip sing their way through, just going through the motions to get by.If you play with this idea that your choices can be like a note played on a piano and is a way to sing to your soul and the world, it changes everything. You start the day with presence and space, it allows Grace to enter and flow through you and express yourself like a living prayer in motion.

It’s when you choose to find the extraordinary in the everyday ordinary in which you feel alive and a part of a never-ending dance.Time slows and you start to feel a connection between yourself and the world.

You find the irreplaceable belonging you have been starving for.This opens you up, you become hollow in a way but yet you are full and complete at the same time.

You understand that the anxious belief that you will never be enough isn’t true, you KNOW there isn’t one drop of wrong in you and there is no reason to hide or hold back your truth any longer.And the best part about it is that you don’t have to try to be this complete version, you just ARE effortlessly by choosing to be in the presence of the very essence that makes you YOU.

It is here that your Soul sings in every intentional choice,

in pouring coffee,

doing dishes,

petting your dog,

hugging your loved ones,

taking out the garbage,

being able to laugh at yourself when nothing you plan goes right,

a walk in nature,

setting boundaries,

driving to work,

brushing your teeth,

smiling at your co-workers,

smelling the roses,

crying your heart out,

telling someone you Love them,

sending strangers silent blessings

and then laying in your comfy bed at the end of the night feeling fulfilled because you know you let your song be sung through you.

You are a participant and witness to your own music.

You are singing your song…

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