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Harnessing your feminine power will help you create the personal and professional life you deeply yearn for. Work with me 1:1 to move past the thresholds keeping you stuck and learn how to stay true to your unique path.

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I came to know Janelle as part of a collaborative group we both belonged to. I was immediately drawn to her magnetic energy, her deep wisdom and her fresh perspective on business and life. 


Within the period of a few months, I experienced significant loss: two deaths, a divorce and the end of a significant partnership. As a result, I was overwhelmed with grief; the combined trauma of those life events shut me down. 


Janelle became a most valuable and cherished mentor and coach to me. Utilizing her knowledge of polyvagal theory (autonomic nervous system) and attachment theory, she helped me to become a more powerful observer of the emotions and patterns that continued to surface.


Using simple tools, Janelle helped me transition from unconscious behaviors of self-sabotage to conscious behaviors of self-mastery. She gave me permission to rest and restore. ...and encouraged me to go at my pace and do things my way on my terms versus the prescribed ways we think we’re supposed to approach life and healing. 


Janelle also guided me to understand the masculine and feminine energy that dwells within me and to connect with my feminine energy in a way I never have before.


I have been able to transcend, ascend, and step into my Truth and my Power because I had Janelle on my side and at my side. I am extremely grateful for her and her amazing-ness.

- Shannon Chamberlain, Mentoring Client