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Welcome to Venusian Alchemy

This is a space for women who are READY and WILLING to meet their lives fully. 

As a mentor and guide of the Sacred and Solar Feminine, I am devoted to serving the full range of embodied expression in women.

The main ingredient needed for this journey is courage, not efforting, but the courage of being a woman willing to meet herself in all her colors and shades, this is the place where alchemy, wisdom, and intimacy collide. It is the initial spark that gives you the fuel to move out of the eternal loop of healing onto an evolutionary path of greater wisdom, beauty, and life artistry.

Feminine Wholeness is the key that unlocks all of your doors, not only for you but for generations past and yet to come,

and I am here for every part of it.....

Are you?

I can help you
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Women's Circles

Janelle Sjodin 

Hi, I'm Janelle,  the founder of Venusian Alchemy, a beauty devotee, and mentor to women who have big passion, old souls, and a deep calling to contribute their gifts from wholeness and beauty.

I'm known for my alchemical blend of somatic therapies, dynamic coaching, and ability to hold coherent, deep, and expansive containers for my 1:1 clients. I genuinely support women to restore their inherent intelligence of Feminine Wholeness through their open-flowing channel of womb, heart, and mind. This naturally inspires women to rediscover and establish their own version of embodied success, contribution, and relational fulfillment from a foundation of nourished aliveness rather than the eternal depletion and healing cycles that prevent women from thriving.

I believe Wholeness, Beauty, and Nature are the cornerstone principles of life and every woman has direct access to them regardless of life situations. I am here for the courageous women who are ready and willing to restore these principles back into their daily lives through the powerful portal of their female bodies; because I know without a doubt that "a Woman in her Wholeness is the most valuable currency in the world"; and I honorably hold this truth with every woman I work with and everything I do.

***If you'd like to know more about how to work in a transformational 1:1 container with me, please click on the button below to fill out an online application and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Much love,



Never in my life have I felt more free than when I began working with Janelle. I don’t even know if there are words that can accurately capture what Janelle does. 


Janelle has made me feel seen, and she has been my guide and support, allowing me to feel safe, while gently and lovingly pushing me to trust myself.


In just the few short months we have been working together, I have become a completely new woman. I am more confident,  more calm, more clear, more faithful, and more grounded than I have ever been. I have been able to heal wounds and work through blockages that caused me so much anguish before. 


The best part is that Janelle has opened up a door to a new possibility of living for me. She has validated that it is not only possible for me to live a life of freedom and joy, but that I deserve it. Never in my life have I felt so in love with life itself.

Sarah H


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