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"turning toward what you deeply love saves you"


Professional Bio for Media & Press:


Janelle Sjodin is a Women's Embodiment Coach that is devoted to creating transformational experiences for women to naturally unfurl into their feminine wholeness in every area of their lives. She is known for her natural ability to see and guide women from their original feminine essence and design so they can stop "fixing" and begin living as the love she already is.

Janelle’s graceful and powerful approach to wholeness is woven into her signature 1:1 private mentoring journeys. She stewards life-changing ways of being for the women she works with through a mytho-somatic lens that allures a woman deeper into herself so she can emanate her wisdom inside and out effortlessly. Janelle's ethos is that everyone has direct access to the living intelligence of love within them and it is this that she humbly honors and serves above anything else. Janelle believes that creating the somatic experiences for this living wisdom to naturally emerge is the key that unlocks the inherent gold within a woman.


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