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"turning toward what you deeply love saves you"



Professional Bio for Media & Press:

Janelle Sjodin is a Spiritual Mentor, Coach and Teacher with a Trauma-Informed approach trained in Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Theory, Menstrual Cycle Awareness, Conscious Feminine Business Practices, Sovereign Relating, and Aura-Soma Color Therapy that is known for her ability to help women rewrite their lives from the INSIDE-OUT by living in embodied relationship with the spaciousness, ease and sovereignty of their truest nature in day to day life.

Janelle’s unique approach is weaved into her signature 1:1 private mentoring program. She generates lasting results for her clients by getting to the root cause of what is keeping them stuck so they can live a life that reflects who they are in Body, Mind, and Spirit. Janelle genuinely supports women to actualize their deepest potential and take inspired action to emanate their unique feminine frequency into the world.  


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